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As higher education offerings become more crowded, they also are becoming increasingly complex, with degrees and certificates being offered to study on-campus, online, or as a combination of the two. Law programs are no different in this market, with many institutions now seeking the support and partnership of experts with experience in the dynamics and nature of this evolving market.

Higher education is transforming and it is just getting started. Technology is not only reshaping how we engage at work and in our jobs, but it is also redefining how people are seeking and being educated. Along with this new reality, an institution’s boundaries are fading, paving the way for a whole new audience of people seeking classes, programs, and degrees from your institution.

Are you ready for it?

Carolina Academic Press is ready and with the launch of CAP Law Online, we have expanded our services to support law schools who wish to take their programs online with a team of seasoned experts. We create customized, brand-based, marketing campaigns that are unique to your institution, the character of your programs, and differentiate you across the audience within the market. Not only do we manage all aspects of marketing execution - from asset development, media planning, and best practices in student recruitment, but also work with you on curriculum and instructional design, as well as system integration within the university.